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State, US, and World History

  • The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
    Offers teaching modules that cover more than twenty topics corresponding to the major periods in American history. Each module includes an historical overview, lesson plans, quizzes, activities, documents, films and historic images 
  • World History Association
    Founded in 1982, with a mission to promote the study of global history by encouraging and supporting research, teaching, collegial communication, and publication in world history
  • History Matters
    Designed for high school and college teachers and students, the site serves as a gateway to useful materials for teaching U.S. history
  • eHistory.com 
    A collection of primary sources, documentary material, personal histories, online books and reviews
  • Labyrinth 
    Huge amount of medieval resources
  • Little Horus 
    The first Egyptian web site designed and developed specially for kids around the globe
  • Internet History Sourcebook Project
    A great collection of ancient, medieval and modern history resources
  • Global Gateway
    Links to documents, multi-media, multicultural exhibitions
  • World History for Us All
    A comprehensive model curriculum for teaching world history in middle and high schools with plans & activities
  • American History to 1865
    Extensive list of bios & events
  • American History from 1865
    Nice stuff here / Bios, events, place, you name it
  • Territorial Kansas Online
    Digitized photos and other primary source documents in a searchable database. Lesson plans aligned to Kansas state standards are also included
  • Kansas State Historical Society: Classroom Materials to Print
    Downloadable activities and classroom materials that meet the state's history standards 
  • Kansas Collection 
    The voices of the past are heard again in KanColl, through nearly-lost books, letters, diaries, photographs, and other materials
  • The Kansas Heritage Server 
    Devoted to digitally preserving Kansas' past, giving future generations the opportunity to learn from family and local history
  • Kansas Memory
    Created by the Kansas State Historical Society to share its historical collections via the Internet
  • KS150
    Official site of the Kansas 150th B-day celebration